Our passion for great taste and a quest to find the best local ingredients available have culminated in a range of beers that truly reflect the very best in New Zealand produce.

Our products are entirely hand crafted using traditional skills and techniques. The skill of our master brewers, the quality of our local ingredients, and a continual quest for perfection are what give our beers their distinctive freshness and character.


None of our beer is filtered or pasteurised. We believe that the most important ingredient in our recipe is time. Our brews are left to naturally clarify and for flavours to develop.

We brew in very small batches to ensure continual freshness at the point of sale. We take exceptional care from grain to glass to make sure to finished product is as perfect as it possibly can be.


Our core range reflects a variety of styles and covers every palette. From the light and fruity Kolsch (a typical German style lager) to the dark, rich Oatmeal Stout, there is something for everyone. All our core range beers are skilfully hand crafted with the attention to detail that gives Two Thumb beer its distinctive rich and complex taste. Available in 528ml, 328ml or 888ml bottle sizes or in kegs of 20L or 50L